One central place to update and distribute information worldwide.


Sell products easier with the best and most reliable information.


Complement your crowd sourced data stream with facts from the producers.


Make researching a breeze with an open and accurate database.

Your Winery Has One Place For Brand & Wine Data

Brands, Wines, Vintages, Bottle shots, Reviews, etc...


Who, Where, What?

There are 10s of thousands of wineries in the world, make sure the world knows about you. GWDB helps source information for government, importers, media, retailers and the latest apps. It's free to list your winery, brands and wines on the Global Wine Database.

Your Winery
Your Wines

What Wines Do You Produce?

New vintage? New technical notes! Keep track of every vintage you produce, easily and quickly. Keep everyone in your organization on the same page in regards to what your winery is producing.


Upload Data Once. Drive the facts forward.

If you are still answering emails, forwarding PDFs or hand written notes to anyone, you're wasting time. Store your data with the Global Wine Database and let the world request the data themselves. Moreover, let that data be accurate because you are the one providing the facts in the first place!


Over 100 data points
all available via our API

Wineries, Wines, Ratings, Bottle shots and more...

Cloud based

Your data is secured and stored in the cloud available 24/7 worldwide.

One Place

Everything about your brands, wines, reviews across all your vintages.


Simple & Easy

Intuitive and easy to use interface that your entire team can pickup in a matter of minutes.


Compare vintages year over year, see how your wines compare to your neighbours and the rest of the world.

GWDB Data Exchange Example

How it all comes together over a vintage

Winery Inputs/Updates Data

Basic details about brands including name, locations, logos, and vineyard photography. And everything from the basics about each vintage to extensive technical tasting notes including export and retail specific data sets.

New Vintage Release

Marketing materials

Data uploaded into GWDB automatically updates various corporate websites that the winery owns: Public Facing website, Ecommerce Store, Trade & Media website and even PDF tear sheets on each wine.

Automatically Updated

Third Party Apps

Any third party app that is integrated with GWDB is automatically updated with the most recent information directly from the winery. New vintage? New Bottle shots? New tasting notes? Automatic.

Automatically Updated


A big box retailer needs the latest technical notes on a certain wine. Instead of getting in touch with a winery representative they can source the information directly from one of the winery sites, or GWDB directly.

Automatically Updated


No need to collate information for the hundredth time for a new export market. All the information required is in GWDB ready for import/exportation.

Automatically Updated

Winery Updates Wine Information

Wine information is updated with new tasting notes, awards and reviews.

Vintage updates

Marketing, Apps, Retailers, Exporters

No need to reach out to any third parties to update them on the information. The information is automatically updated any time there is any edits/additions to your data.

Vintage updates pushed automatically

Winery adds the new vintages

New wines, new vintages, new notes, new bottle photography, all updated easily and quickly. All parties are notified and updated just like the previous vintage/updates.

Vintage updates
Next Autumn

What people are saying...

"Gone will be the need for dozens of people to populate dozens of databases, forms and documents, spending endless hours copying, pasting, printing, faxing, emailing, posting, and chasing queries. They sum it up thus: Upload data once. Drive the facts forward.”
Tamlyn Currin
"The International Wine and Spirit Competition is excited about a future where producers can share their wine information accurately and easily which could have great benefits for the IWSC as a leading wine competition.”
Richard Stoppard
Executive Director - IWSC
"We check GWDB first for accurate wine information. It's the most reliable source for us to quote when doing sales and promotions online and in store."
Amber Fountain
WineCollective - Retailer
"Before using GWDB we would have to hunt for historical wine information, now everything is in one place and our suppliers can easily find information they need."
Leslie LeQuelenec
Clos du Soleil - Winery
"Accurate wine information is critical to the global wine trade, GWDB is helping solve this problem."
Justin Howard-Sneyd
Master of Wine & Wine Producer

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